Four Septuagenarians Mid-Tasman

Featuring in this 14th Solo Trans-Tasman Yacht race are four septuagenarians, six previous finishers and two brothers. Malcolm Dickson remains at the front of the fleet with Sarau and has enjoyed a couple of lovely evenings mid-tasman. This is Malcolm’s third Tasman race and his second in his self-designed and built 50’ yacht. Today’s conditions have kept him busy with big light weather sails to maintain a steady speed of 4-5 knots. Alister Dickson, his younger brother is sailing 150nm behind him in Frontier. Frontier was designed and built at home by Alister and although it’s her first time across the Tasman, Alister sailed the race previously in 1998. Close by Frontier, Hullabaloo has sailed into second place under the skilful helm of Jim O’keeffe. Jim's first Solo Tasman race was in 1978, together with Malcolm Dickson. Jim in Yantha finished 15hrs ahead of Malcolm in Spindrift of Nelson. Jim brought the male mould for his Adams 13 and then set about building Hullabaloo to his own sailing style, launching her in 1994. Craig Ansley on Crocus also started his sailing and boat building adventures in his twenties. This is Craig and Crocus's first Solo Tasman race. For the last 12 hours Crocus has been becalmed. Just before dark tonight she caught some wind and has taken off again. I’m looking forward to the schedule from Craig this evening – he always has a story to tell us.
These four skippers have been sailing for 50-60 years so plenty of sea miles and global experiences between them, providing an interesting race for us to watch.
Mister Lucky sits 3rd with a distance to finish of 879nm between Hullababloo (868nm) and Frontier (884nm). Allegresse is a very close 5th with 889nm DTF. What will the morning bring?


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